Vælg restaurant


Valid until 16/1-2022

We created three special winter menus – perfect for you and your company during the cold months and for christmas. The menus have either 10 or 13 servings. They give you and your company the opportunity to experience and taste the many different variations the colorful cuisine in the East has to offer.

Everything listed on our different menus is included in your dinner. Therefore, you don’t have to choose between the courses – we will serve them all. Just sit back and let us spoil you! We guarantee you, there will be enough food for you all and taste impressions to “wow” everyone at the table.

Allergens: We know that some groups have special preferences. Therefore we offer an alternative to our usual banquet menus. The special menu is vegan and caters various allergens. The menu has delicious alternatives, all of which will be served in addition to the rest of the ordinary menu. This way we make sure that everyone enjoys the meal.