Vælg restaurant


At Keyser, we want to explore Asian cuisine and all its facets. Based on the Far East and references to Nordic cuisine, we make a virtue of serving food that is a delight for both eyes and taste buds.


  • Raspberry Sling
    Bacardi Cuatro 4 y., Banks 5 Island dark rum, Martini Fiero, raspberry syrup, pineapple juice, lime juice, coconut water & Angostura
  • Keyser Signatur
    Bombay Dry Gin, homemade sirup from mint and lemon grass & Martini Bianco
  • Twisted Rum Swizzle

    Bacardi Carta Blanca, Tequila Blanco, lime juice, pineapple syrup & Velvet Falernum

  • Golden Daiquiri
    Bacardi Carta Blanca, freshly squeezed lime juice, ginger syrup, orange flower water & yuzu. Topped with foam made of egg whites & pilsner
  • Espresso Martini

    Stolichnaya vodka, coffee, coffee liquor & sugar syryp

  • Old Fashioned

    Black Bottle whisky, Bacardi Ocho, PX Sherry, homemade coffee syrup & coconut water


  • Lemongrass mocktail
    Club soda w. homemade sirup from mint & lemongrass
  • Homemade Iced Tea

    Oolong tea & mango syryp


  • Snow crab – Tapioca senbei – Yuzu caviar

    Crunchy tapioca senbei with delicately cooked snow crab, mixed with Japanese mayo. Topped with spring onions & homemade yuzu caviar

  • Inari nigiri – Shiitake mushroom – Daikon

    Inari nigiri with shiitake mushrooms, Japanese brown rice & sesame carrot. Topped with pickled daikon

  • Ceviche – Blueberry – Nam Jim

    Asian style mackerel ceviche with homemade honey & blueberry jam. Served in thai Nam Jim-sauce with ginger


  • Miso soup – Japanese seaweed – Tofu

    Japanese white miso soup served with tofu, chive, lime & Japanese seaweed

  • Beef tataki – Fermented pepper – Red currant

    Flambéed beef marinated in soy sauce, served with fermented black pepper cream & Japanese pickled red onions. Topped with red currant & cress

  • Yellowtail – Ginger – Teriyaki

    Danish yellowtail, served with ginger paste & Thai inspired teriyaki. Topped with freshly chopped onion & salted almonds


  • Scallop – Unagi – Kataifi

    Fried scallop in kataifi pastry, topped with drops of unagi sauce. Served with chives, wasabi cream & watercress

  • Keyser kimchi – Wonton – Spring salad

    Fresh spring salad with wild berries, served on crispy wonton. Topped with our Korean inspired Keyser kimchi made with chili sauce

  • Short ribs – Asain BBQ – Lemongrass

    Keyser’s slow-cooked beef short ribs, glazed in BBQ sauce with Thai herbs. Topped with fried spring onion & lemongrass oil

Main course

  • Lotus root – Goma cream – Beetroot

    Lotus root steamed with herbs & salt-baked beetroot. Served with goma cream

  • Japanese brown rice – Coconut milk – Tempura

    Japanese brown rice steamed with herbs, cooked in coconut milk & herbal oil. Topped with crispy tempura crumble

  • Panang curry – Sashimi – Spicy herbs

    Keysers panang curry with sashimi cut and flambe salmon, spicy aromatic Asian herbs


  • Asian mousse – Mango – Wild berries

    Asian white chocolate mousse with mango, pandan syrup & wild berries