Vælg restaurant


At Keyser, we want to explore Asian cuisine and all its facets. Based on the Far East and references to Nordic cuisine, we make a virtue of serving food that is a delight for both eyes and taste buds.


  • Rasberry Sling
    Bacardi Cuatro 4 y., Banks 5 Island dark rum, Martini Fiero, raspberry syrup, pineapple juice, lime juice, coconut water & Angostura
  • Keyser Signatur
    Bombay Dry Gin, homemade sirup from mint and lemon grass & Martini Bianco
  • Ice Tea Spritzer

    Stolichnaya vodka, Oolong tea, peach liquor, mango syrup & Chardonnay   

  • Golden Daiquiri
    Bacardi Carta Blanca, freshly squeezed lime juice, ginger syrup, orange flower water & yuzu
  • Espresso Martini

    Stolichnaya vodka, coffee, coffee liquor & sugar syryp

  • Old Fashioned

    Black Bottle whisky, Bacardi Ocho, PX Sherry, homemade coffee syrup & coconut water


  • Lemon Grass
    Club soda w. homemade sirup from mint & lemongrass
  • Homemade Iced Tea

    Oolong tea & mango syryp


  • Nobashi shrimp – Crispy corn

    Japanese Nobashi shrimp marinated in acidic Japanese mayo, chili paste & garlic oil. Served on crispy corn chip

  • Tuna tataki – Butternut – Yuzu

    Seared tuna marinated in kimchi, served on butternut purée. Topped with crispy glass noodles & sweet onions flavored with yuzu.

  • Daikon – Cold Curry – Seven spice

    Fresh daikon maki roll filled with cold malaysian curry. Topped with 7 spice & shiso cress.

Cold dishes

  • Tartare – Yummi sauce – Gunkan

    Beef tartare in Gunkan made of cucumber. Served with coconut sauce & drops of basil oil.

  • Orange – Nam Jim – Chinese cabbage

    Orange salad with nam jim dressing, Chinese cabbage & fresh chili.

  • Keyser kimchi – Hamumaki roll – Fresh grens

    Fresh crispy daikon sticks, cucumber & carrots in rice paper. Served with fermented kimchi sauce.

hot dishes

  • Hamachi – Tamarind – Tempura

    Japanese hamachi korokke breaded and fried in panko. The dish is poured with warm tamarind sauce.

  • Asian BBQ – Veal – Sesame

    Slow-cooked veal cheeks with asian BBQ & fresh herbs.

  • Tom Yum – Lobster – Oyster mushroom

    Thai Tom Yum-soup with lobster, Oyster mushrooms & cilantro sprouts. Topped with chili oil

  • Soy beans – Truffle – Crispy lotus root

    Fermented “Bali Style” soy beans with truffle mayo & crunchy chips from lotus root.

  • Coconut – Rice – Danish cheese

    Steamed rice with herbs, creamy coconut milk & lemon oil. The dish is topped with Danish cheese.

  • Duck – Teriyaki – Leeks

    Soy marinated duck breast served with steamed & grilled leeks. The dish is poured with spicy teriyaki sauce.


  • Passion fruit – Sticky rice – Cashew nuts

    Acidic passion fruit sorbet with sticky rice, coconut & crumble made from cashew nuts.